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We have just posted a new build of RockWorks17 with a number of new features:

+ Disable Data Based On Distance From Closest Borehole
+ New "data fill" program for the Utilities datasheet
+ Borehole Has Zero Depth warning
+ Design changes to the Pick Lithologic Intervals program
+ Design changes to the Pick Stratigraphic Contacts program
+ New programs for exporting data from Project Tables to the Utilties datasheet
+ Copy faults from one grid to another
+ New features and improvements to the grid smoothing algorithm
+ New SQLite menu options for checking, analyzing, and cleaning up the database
+ RockWare GIS Link 17 has been added to the RockWorks17 installation program
+ Install RockWorks17 webhelp locally for when you don't have internet access
+ Improved large font support for program windows and menus
+ New features added to the Geobody filter program
+ 3D faults embedded within grid and solid models (Advanced)
+ New RCL "Sound" command for handy alerts (e.g. when a script is done) (Advanced)
+ New Production table in the database and menu in the Borehole Manager for display of production charts, "billboards" in Google Earth, graph maps, bubble maps, and 3D "spindles" (Advanced)
+ Improved display of 3D faults with surfaces, stratigraphic models, and solid models (Advanced)
+ Edit/add SQL Statements in the Filter Boreholes and Select Boreholes query windows (Advanced)
+ a whole bunch of bug fixes (state plane coordinates, borehole display in section/profile/fence picking windows,
To download the most recent build, please visit:
To read the detailed revision list, please visit:
RockWare Support
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