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Water level data in Rockworks

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I have measured top-of-water (head) data for a set of monitoring wells and I'm curious where this information would be entered into Rockworks. The Water Levels tab of the BHM seems to be for the thickness of the aquifer, but if you have data that represents head heights, can this be indicated on a time-based tab similar to T-data or the Water Levels tab?

If it is something one would enter into the T-Data tab, is there a way to create new T-data tables so that this data is not mixed up with my chemical sampling data?



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Hi Andy,

The Water Levels table is intended for water data entered as depth to top of the water. The bottom of the interval can be left blank, or you can use the bottom of the screened interval or the total depth if you want to display the water level surface with a particular thickness. RockWorks converts the depths to elevations and models the water levels as gridded surfaces in the Aquifers menu (RwGrd).

The T-Data tab is intended for interval-based data with a top and base, and with a date for filtering. This type of data is modeled as a 3D solid model (RwMod).

Gridded surfaces are a good way to display data with varying elevations based on XY location. Solid models are a good way to display varying data based on XY and Z location.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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