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Drew Clemens

Managing Multiple Types of Borehole Planar Feature Data

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I am working with five wells worth of televiewer classified into 11 different catagories (transmissive fractures, contacts, fracture zones, etc [1,570+ features]), and would like to build rose and stereonet maps for each of the catagories. Should I build a Datasheet file for each of the catagories using the same format as that for the fractures tab of the Excel Import File?

Many Thanks in advance for the assistance,

Drew Clemens, PG

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Hi Drew,

Yes, you can use the Excel Import File as a template for importing new data into the Fractures table.

One way to store all the data in the database at the same time is to use duplicate boreholes for different categories of data. Only plot one category at a time.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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