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Jaeshik Chung

Compatability of inpute files generated from PetrsSim with latest TOUGHREACT V3-OMP

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Hi, our group recently purchased source code of TOUGHREACT V3-OMP and try to use PetraSim as input file generator, and run TOUGHREACT (on cluster computer) directly.

The examples provided from LBNL (ones in the manual) works fine, but when I write an input file via PetraSim, it fails saying that there's some error in 'solute.inp'.

When I look into latest manual, it said that "there is minor additions in V3-OMP, so solute.inp used for earlier versions must be update."

I found that My PetraSim (5.4.0414) uses TOUGHREACT 1.2 and this might be an issue.

Now I am looking for the part where they exactly made changes, but I am wondering if you have any idea about this.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately, I don't think there is a list of changes published. You would have to take into account changes implemented in both TOUGHREACT v2 and v3. PetraSim v2015 outputs TOUGHREACT v2 input files and also can be license with a TOUGHREACT v2 executable if you own the simulator. PetraSim v2015 also outputs TOUGHREACT v3 input files that should work with your TOUGHREACT v3 simulator (although keep in mind that this support is still really a beta version that has not been fully tested).

Best Regards,


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Thank you for the information, so do I need to purchase PetraSim v2015 or can I update it?

FYI, when I compared the fields in <solute.inp> in two manuals (V 2.0 vs. V3.0), there is additional fields in the newer version, and the one generated from PetraSim doesn't have those fields. But I think it is about very detailed setting, which I don't need (I just examine simple, 1D saturated advection flow using EOS9).

Anyway, after I filled those fields, by copying whole lines from the file I already ran, still it fails saying that the last line (start with 'end') has an error. It's weird that last line has nothing, but just 'end'.

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