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Is it possible to output tracers, NCGs, etc. as concentrations or densities instead of mass fractions? I'm using EOS7C, but I think this would apply to any multicomponent model. Right now, if I specify 0.1 gas saturation and initial condition of one component in the gas phase, my output is 0.99999 mass fraction of that component. If I set gas saturation as 0.5, the output is almost the same: 0.99999 mass fraction of that component, even though the system actually has 5x as much. How can I get my output to reflect these differences?

Thank you!

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The EOS7C simulator doesn't give you an option to output data as a concentration, but the simulator does output a density for gas. If you want to send us an example of the model you've described, we can take a look at it and let you know if we see any reason why you would get such similar results with such drastically different initial conditions. My guess is that the additional mass is showing up in the model in the aqueous phase.



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