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RockWorks16 - September 2nd, 2015

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- Vertical Column dividers weren't being displayed in deviated boreholes when clipping was enabled.

- The Earth Apps Extract menu was using the wrong file filter mask.

- Loading an RCL in the 2D Striplog Designer caused the summary to be displayed under the axis settings.

-The Low option for Grid Declustering was not working.

- In the Stratigraphy Picker the displayed formations were not being updated when changed in the Stratigraphy Types Table.

- Using the Cutout option in RockPlot3D to remove either the top or bottom of a Voxel Model caused an Access Violation.

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In addition:

- Strike and Dip maps (Planes menu) now honor right-hand rule.

- Profile diagram Stripmaps don't trigger an error if there are no holes in the map.

- Profile diagrams Stripmaps with no logs don't cause an error if Show Collar Distances is activated.

- Composite profile diagrams (using Automatic Parallel Profiles) don't error when horizontal reference lines are activated.

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