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Edward Hakanson

determine optimum path xyz points

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I am having difficulty using the Determine Optimum Path XYZ Points tool. I enter a series of data and when I try to run the program it says that it needs at least two points, regardless of the fact that I have entered 3 different xyz pairs and properly defined the units. Listed are the xyz values from left to right.

350000 1190000 600
350000 1190000 301
350000 1190000 300
350100 1190050 200
350300 1190250 -1300
350500 1190500 -2000

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Hi Edward,

It sounds like the XYZ columns have not been specified correctly. You may want to consider adding names to the column headers by right-clicking in the gray numbered row above the data table.

Also be sure to assign the coordinate system to the data sheet after you assign units to the columns.

If this procedure does not resolve the problem, attach a copy of your RwDat file and I'll take a look.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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