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out of memory error

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The point is whenever I wanna export rockplot 2D map to the google earth(KMZ) , if I choose” surface contours” before press process button , then after that I would face with error message that says out of memory but if I just don not choose surface contours then the process will continue smoothly also I think it’s necessary to add that as of yet I only have had this problem with 2D and at the same time I didn’t have any problem with 3D with the same data.so please help me to cope with this problem.'i'm using Rockworks16&google earth7.1 version'
thanks a lot


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Hi energystaff,

The Out of Memory error is often caused by attempting to draw the Colored Intervals after creating a very high resolution grid file. Either turn off the colored intervals, or change the resolution of the grid file in the Output Dimensions portion of the program, or specify Contour Lines instead of Colored Intervals.

If this procedure does not resolve the problem, you are welcome to upload your data to rockware.com/upload and I will take a look. Include the XY min max, spacing, and number of nodes that you are specifying.


Tom B
RockWare Inc

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