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Using the TD tool in the Borehole Manager

Edward Hakanson

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Hi. I have copied this post from an earlier one.

I am looking for a fast and practical way to calculate horizontal, vertical and true distances between specific points in boreholes. Specifically, I am referring to lost circulation zones (LCZ) that occur at different elevations in different boreholes. For example, in directional well 34 I have LCZ at 625, 1100 and 1400 meters depth and in well 5 which is a vertical well I have LCZ at 700 and 1000 meters depth. I have also got a hypothetical borehole trajectory for an undrilled well (8b) that passes near to both wells 34 and 5. Based on the local fault network, well 8b may not find a LCZ until 1350 m. I would like to use Rockworks to easily determine the horizontal, vertical and true 3d distance between the LCZ in wells 5 and 34 with respect to the undrilled well 8b.

The best way that I have come up with is to go into the borehole orientation table for wells 5, 34 and 8b and copy the xyz coordinates at the specified elevations into Utilities table and then run the 3D lineation program. This works but it is not intuitive.

Could you include within he borehole data base a menu option (possibly within the same TD program) that allows me to specify the elevation or depth in specific enabled boreholes so that in effect they are read as if they were TDs and then the program gives results based on these parameters.

I think that this would be the same as temporarily changing the TD of each borehole that is being analyzed to the depth / elevation where lost circulation zones occur or are expected to occur.

I am attaching some sample data so that you can create the borehole paths and calculate the distances between the lost circulation zones based on the borehole paths.

Well 5

Well 34

Well 8b

Well type






















Lost circulation zones






Given the borehole location data, create a borehole path for wells 5, 34 and hypothetical well 8b such that the horizontal, vertical and true distances can between the lost circulation zones in wells 5, 34 and 8bcan be calculated easily.

*All values are reported in measured depth.

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Hi Tom,

I just uploaded three RwDat files to rockware.com/upload/. The well names are different but the exercise is the same. Well 1 is vertical, well 12 is deviated and well 14 is undrilled but will be deviated towards the northwest. How do I go about determining an optimum well path that will keep me furthest away from the lost circulation zones of both Wells 1 and 12 without dropping the azimuth below 315º?

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Hi Tom,

I have seen that video and although I don't have a 3D model of my field area I can hypothesize xyz coordinates that I want my welfare to pass through. The problem that I have with that is that when I want to reproduce the vertical part of the well down to, say 300 meters, the borehole starts to curve before that depth which would not reproduce a realistic curve. Previously you wrote that aligning three points with the same xy coordinates and a decreasing z coordinate (600, 301, 300 elevation) may resolve this problem however, I have yet to try this because I was getting an error that says that the program needs at least two points to run (even though I had already defined various points with different xyz values.

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