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Edward Hakanson

Digitizing points in RW2D

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With the digitize points option in RW2D I would like someone to explain to me the use of this tool. I mean, after digitizing the points how do I go about saving those locations? For example, I don't see any kind of point table as there is for polyline or polygons.

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Dear Edward,
RockPlot2D's Digitize | Points program will capture the X and Y point coordinates in the Data pane in the lower-right corner of the window. You can then use the buttons above the point listings to:
+ Save the listing to a text file
+ Clear the listing
+ Copy all of the data to the clipboard (including the text labels)
+ Copy the numeric data only to the clipboard
+ Create a new map with the digitized points only
+ Create a new map with the digitized points appended to the current map
You could use the 4th item (copy numeric data only) to then paste the XY coordinates to the Utilities datasheet, to an Excel spreadsheet, etc.
(I moved this posting to the RockWorks forum, from Open Discussions)
Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc

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Thanks Molly,

So if I use option 4, should I be able to create a new point map and append it to the 2D image that I am working on?

If I only mark one or two points that creates a problem because the Easy Map tool in Utilities needs at least three points to make a simple point map (even though contours are not necessary). I think that in an earlier post this issue was addressed but has yet to be modified with a new upgrade.

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Hi Edward,

You might consider items 5 or 6 which will create a new map, either with just the digitized points, or with the both the current map and the new points. The digitized points will show up as an "X".

If you need more customized symbols, EZ map would work but it is indeed hardwired to needing 3 points because of the triangulation-based contours (even if you have the contours turned off). If you only have two points, you could list one of your XY pairs twice in the datasheet to generate the EZ Map and just delete the duplicate symbol,

Another option would be to place a map symbol onto an existing map, using RockPlot2D's Draw | Point Types | Symbol tool. You can zoom in and refer to the XY coordinates which are displayed at the bottom of the window for accurate placement.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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