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Edward Hakanson

Streamlining data from the borehole manager and the Utilities table, using Easy Map, and sharing RW data

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I've got a few questions.

In file menu of the borehole manager there is the option to transfer borehole locations to the utilities table. Is there an easy to transfer other xyz data to the utilities table. For example if I have the symbols table open or any of the I-data, P-data or T-data tables open it would be very useful to be able to transfer those values (which are in measured depth) to xyz data in the Utilities table directly. I know that I can use the export multiple files option and save the data as separate Excel Files but that is kind of awkward (having to take the data out of Rockworks) and then putting it back in. Also, I would like to do the same kind of operation with directional borehole trajectory xyz data (at present the best way that I have found is copying and pasting directly into the Utilities table). It would be nice to be able to select a row or group of rows and transfer them directly to the Utilities table to make calculations.

Another thing that I would like to do is to manipulate the axes of the the scatterplot change the axes from ascending to descending values and also that the workspace of the graph be show in the same dimensions as the graph that I am creating. Just one example might be graphing changes in hydraulic head with depth in the borehole.

Another thing that I don't understand is why in the Easy Map option I have to have at least 3 points to create a simple flat map. What I mean is if I am given the coordinates of a sample location and wish to add it to a map it would be really conveniente to be able to create a Utilities table t, add additional column information like sample date, field team, elevation, et c and plot the point with the Easy Map option (with the additional information from other data columns that I wish to show). At the present time the only way that I have found to add a single point to a map is by making a symbol and assigning coordinates to it.

Finally, what is the best way to share data from Rockworks to be used in Grapher, Surfer or STRATER which all use .dat files?

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Hi Edward,

- I will add your request for new features to the suggestion file.

- The EZ-Map uses triangulation to create contours and color fills, so 3 points are required for this part of the operation. I will add your request to remove this requirement when contours are not drawn.

- Export data from the Utilities datasheet to Excel or CSV to use with Surfer, Grapher, and Strater.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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