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Problems with the Borehole orientation table

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I am having a problem when I choose to change the values in a borehole orientation table. When I am planning a well, I frequently need to try different borehole construction arrangements and it is very convenient to just save a rwDat file of the Depth, Azmith and Inclination data and then just open it or close it as I need to to replace the current data. This works quite well but rather frequently I get an error message that says something like "Could not update the file because some data may have been changed since the last time it was opened" Could you look into this?

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OK, thanks Tom. The next time that the error message comes up I will send you the actual text that comes up in the error message. It may be due to an error in the network connection, however I only notice this type of problem when I interchange different orientation table data. Normally, if it is only a matter of adding new data I do not get an error but changing entire tables still frequently cause an error.

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