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RockWorks16 - August 5th, 2015

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- The Line Map azimuth filter wasn't working.

- Loading an RCL into the 2D Striplog Designer caused the design summary to be displayed in the current item menu.

- The Grid Declustering wasn't initializing the minimum and maximum node values leading to inconsistent results.

- Editing the Stratigraphy Table in the Stratigraphy Picker wasn't updating the Picker's formations.

- The Image Rectify program failed when an output file had an invalid extension. Now a warning is generated.

- Adding a Cut Out to an Iso-Surface that cuts the full XY extents was causing an Access Violation Error.

- The Lithology Modeling Algorithms weren't being correctly set.

- The SCAN_BOREHOLES command in an RCL file wasn't causing the main forms Project Dimensions to update.

- In RockPlot3D a cutout that extended to the maximum of Easting and North (IOW removing the top or bottom) of an Iso-Surface caused a Access Violation Error.

- The Show and Save RCL options for Lithology Modeling were showing the algorithm setting for generic modeling.

- Running the SCAN_BOREHOLES command in an RCL script wasn't updating the Project Dimensions display on the main form.

- The Symbol and Label options for Krajewskigram were shared with the Scattergram menu but weren't being displayed.

- In the Utilities EZ Map and Grid Map points without Z values are included in the Symbols and Labels.

- The menu settings for using Scientific Notation in Color Legends was being ignored.

- The Google Earth Export from RockPlot3D no longer falsely reports that Google Earth is not installed.

- The weighted averaging with distance filter for I-Data gave inconsistent results.

- The Utilities / Grid / Profile / Multiple program was updating the profile end points for the additional profiles.

- The Borehole Manager / Location Map was always using the Elevation for calculating Stratigraphy Elevation Labels even when Collar Elevation was selected.

- The Utilities - Survey to 3D Diagram the Plot Station Label checkbox wasn't being used.

- The Utilities - Survey Programs were requiring Unit Settings for columns that weren't being used.

- In the KML Extract Programs the coordinates weren't being captured if the user's Regional Settings were not using the US number format.

- Clipping polylines in RockPlot2D sometimes included line segments outside the clip boundary.

- Images imported to RockPlot2D from the RU/Imagery menu couldn't be hidden by disabling their layer.

- In RockPlot3D Color Legends Custom Color Table data was being saved but weren't loaded when an RP3D file was opened.

- Any file operations in RockPlot2D after exporting a Shape File caused an Access Violation.

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