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Snapping to lines and verticies in RW2D

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I know that Rockworks 2D lets you snap to lines and verticies because I have seen it done online in a webinar. However, I am having some difficulty with this because it seems that the snapping is being done to lines and or vertices that I am not trying to snap to. I know about the control click and the shift click operations but evidently I must be doing something wrong. . .

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HI Mitch,

Smart Snap works flawlessly with stratigraphic columns and logs. You write that lines should snap to vertices in lines, rectangles, polylines and polygons. Is that done with the Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click option? I imagine that it should be the opposite for snapping to specific points along a line, rectangle, polyline or polygon. Also, It would be extremely convenient if the snapping feature were added to the "edit vertices" tool.

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As stated in the help file:

Vertex Snap uses the Shift key

Line Snap uses the Control key

Smart Snap uses the Control + Shift key

Show Snap Points uses Ctl+Alt+S and can also be activated from the View menu

It is hard to remember unless you use it often which is why there's status message that appears at the bottom of the screen as soon as a line drawing tool is selected.

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