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Offset Depths In 2D Cross Section

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Can somebody please tell me why the Stratigraphic depths in the 2D cross section do not intersect the same formations through the boreholes when I plot them together?


Raechel Michaelis

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Hi Raechel,

It sounds like the gridding method that you are using is not honoring your data very well. I suggest changing some of your gridding settings to do a better job of honoring your data.

  • Turn on the Hi-Fidelity option. The High Fidelity option takes the difference between the calculated grid and the actual data value and adds these residuals back to the grid to make the grid honor the data better.
  • Turn off the Declustering and Smoothing options. Both of these options use average values based on surrounding data points and make no attempt to honor the data.
  • Decrease the XY model spacing. Smaller grid cells have a better chance of honoring the data because there are fewer data points in each grid cell.
  • Use fewer data points to calculate each grid cell.
  • Try different gridding methods, such as Inverse Distance, Kriging, and Triangulation.

You are welcome to report the method and settings that you are using, or submit a backup of your project with an annotated cross-section illustrating the problem and I may be able to provide other suggestions.


Tom Bresnahan

RockWare Inc

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The problem was resolved by using the Profile tool to project horizontal boreholes onto the profile trace. The cross-section tool is only used for vertical boreholes.


Tom Bresnahan

RockWare Inc.


Use the Profile tool to plot wells that deviate from vertical.


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