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Multiple Errors

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Unknown special node error: Master_Project

- This occurs when I initially click on the section button to create a cross section (under lithology).

Also, I am getting a system error when I try to process the cross sections. None of my boreholes are showing on the section either. I have attached my bug report.

I attempted to create a new project and start from scratch, however I received multiple errors and had to close the program.

Do I just need to have tech re-install?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi yosthbv,

Welcome to the forum!

It looks like there are a number of things going on here, related with project setup, model/diagram settings, and program revision. (The bug report pertains to an out-of-memory error building the color ramp.)

It would be immensely helpful for us to see your project - you can use the Borehole Manager's File | Archive Database to Text menu option and email the resulting ZIP file to support at rockware.com. Please include a list of the program menus you are working with, and which return specific errors. It'll be good to address these one at a time. Because these are data and project specific issues, it's best to address them via email than on the forum.

Next, you are using an old revision of RockWorks16 (2013.11.13) when the current build is from last week. I highly recommend that you download and install a newer build - please see the RockWorks16 Updates section of this forum for more details.

And, finally, your license is on a maintenance plan, so you get extra phone/web support - feel free to call our support desk if you have questions that are not addressed via email.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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