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"An error occurred in the application"

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I have Rockworks 15. I keep on getting this error "an error occurred in the application" when I try to run several different tools, for instance the lithology profile. "Show bug report" reveals "floating point division by zero". Any ideas, what should I do next? Many thanks in advance for all the suggestions. Kati.

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Hi Kati,

The error "Floating point division by zero" often indicates that you need to change one of your menu or project settings. Another customer reported this problem in RockWorks 15 and the problem was caused by changing the Windows number format from European to US after the program was started.

We can tell this information by looking at the bug report and your project settings. If you have not sent us this report, backup your project and send the bug report with the project ZIP file to [email protected] and we'll take a look. Larger files may be uploaded to http://rockware.com/upload/ .


Tom B
RockWare Inc

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