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Jaeshik Chung

Cell number(ELEM) counting error in 'time.OUT' file

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Hi-I am now trying to import the raw file to MATLAB program for automation purpose, and this makes it hard to format it especially when dealing with large (more than 100) number of cells.

In the 'time.OUT' file, the cell number (ELEM) column starts from '0 1' to '0 9' and from '10' to '99' is okay, and then 100th is '1 0' and so on...

like this,

0 1

0 2




0 9







1 0

1 1


I used to change them using replacing function in Excel, but as the file becomes bigger it's hard to do so..

I think I already reported this ago and doesn't know what's going on..

Thank you!

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Dear Jaeshik Chung,

I just noticed that your question has not been answered. Sorry for the delay!

I have forwarded your question to the developer (Thunderhead Engineering) and expect they will respond shortly.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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Jaeshik Chung,

That is the way TOUGH2 names cells. Five characters are used, the first three are characters (A-Z) and the last two are numbers (0-9). You can export a file with a mapping of the Cell Number and Cell ID. On the File menu click Write Mesh Data.

See the attached files.

Daniel Swenson

Thunderhead Engineering


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