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block models and variograms

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1st ,I used rockware15 and I build solid model for xyzg data for mining purpose.I need to divide to solid model to blocks how I do this by rockware.

second I do girdding for g values for the above data by kriging method to get variogram model.but the out put of variogram is 2d GRD file not 3d MOD.how to display the out put of variogram in 3d mod



Geologist at Sahara gold mining

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Hi Deyaaeldeen,

1. How do you want to define the blocks for the solid model? One option is to use the Utilities Solid | Filters | Polygon Clipping to filter the model based on a polygon boundary. If you do not have the polygon defined in RockWorks, import the polygon definition using the Utilities Grafix | 2D | Import menu command, then select the polygon and right-click | Save to Polygon Table.

2. Choose the Edit/Examine Variograms option in the Modeling Options dialog to view the variograms.


Tom B

RockWare Inc.

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