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Plotting circles with different diameter and color - earthquake data

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Hello everybody,

i try to plot earthquake data with RW 15. The table contains easting-northing-magnitude-depth data. Te map shall show the epicenters (X/Y) coordinates, the radius of the circle the magnitude and the color the depth. So i use EZ-maps and tick only borders and symbols. Now i set symbols/circles, Dimension: variable, Data Column=magnitude, Range 3 to 7. If i set Color=variable, Color column=depth, i get nothing. If i set Color=monochrome, i get my map, but the circles are too big. The setting scaling/linear appears not to influence the diameter of the circles.

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks and best regards,


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Hi Cristian,

- Colors: The Color=Variable is designed to read actual colors from the defined Color Column. It does not scale the colors cold-to-hot based on the depth column values. Please refer to the "earthquakes.atd" datasheet in the RockWorks15 Data\Samples folder for an example of how this color column might look.

- Size: If you set the circle dimensions to Variable, and choose the Magnitude column, there are two scaling options.

(1) For the Range option you set the size of the circles for the smallest and the largest magnitudes, and the intermediate values will scale in between. These numbers represent percent of project size. If the circles are too large, try setting the Range | Minimum and Maximum numbers smaller.
(2) The Linear option simply multiplies the Magnitude values by a constant, to generate the circle radius in actual map units.

If you don't want to list actual colors in your datasheet, another mapping option might be Table-Based. Here you can create a table in the database which lists a series of magnitude ranges, a symbol style and color, and the plotting size (as percent of project size).

Hope this helps

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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Hi Molly,

thanks a lot for the hints.

I took the sample table you suggested from the samples directory and it gave me the answer i looked for.

I defined a color column, binning the depths (in Excel) and assigned a color for each depth bin, which i took as setting in the symbol options et voilĂ !

After then i put the sattelite picture as background and got a wonderful earthquake map.

Will also try your suggestion regarding the table-based mapping option.

Thanks again!



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Hi Cristian,

Excellent - thanks for letting us know that it worked!

By the way, if you have cool maps that you would like to share, we are always happy to post them on our RockWorks gallery page (with appropriate credit, of course).



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