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Difficulty in drawing 2D single log and lithology model

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I am pretty new to RockWorks, have gone through most of the tutorials but I'm stuck at drawing 2D single log and lithology model. My data consists of borehole information that was collected underground and the boreholes were drilled up the in a mine roof (I changed this in borehole orientation information in the software manually by making the inclination 90 degrees). The software is able to generate 3d multiple and single borehole display but does not show anything for 2d single log and gives an error when I try to draw 3d lithology model (Zero points extracted. Check data and filter options).

Also, this is not letting me upload my .xlsx file I would be grateful if anyone could help me out.

Thank you.


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Hi Shrey,

It would be best to see your data - you can select the Borehole Manager's File | Archive Database to Text and email the resulting ZIP file to: support at rockware.com. You can include the Excel file as well. The benefit of the Archive is that we also get to see your menu settings.

Other thoughts:

- Dimensions: If the lithology logs are displaying properly in 3D (e.g. correct locations and orientation), be sure that the Output (Model) Dimensions are established, at the bottom of the program window. These min-max-spacing values define the size, placement, and density of the lithology model. You can type in the dimensions or use the Scan Boreholes button.

- Filters: In the Lithology | Model (or Section, Profile, etc.) menus, be sure that you don't have any Spatial (XYZ) filters turned on. These are on the right side of the Instructions pane. Under Create New Model, be sure you don't have any of the G-Value filters turned on.

Best regards,

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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