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Display 2D section of Geophysical data set into 3D view

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Hi, I am new in Rockware

I want to ask about the application of Rockware in handling geophysical data set

The situation is I have a few 2D section of resistivity data (see attachment for the example) that had been exported into xyzg data format so it is become scattered point.

How can I display those as a section in 3D view (like fence diagram) but without creating the solid model as the section is only 2 lines perpendicular to each other.

I appreciate,


example (640x92).jpg


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Hi Rocky

Welcome to the forum.

One way to display these data in 3D space would be to list the XYZG points in the Utilities datasheet, being sure to define the column headings (Columns | Column Properties) for the spatial coordinates. Then use the Map | 3D points program to display the points in 3D space, color-coded by G values.

If you have data-specific questions, you are welcome to email your data file (.RwDat) to our support box (tech at rockware.com) and we'll have a look.

Best regards,

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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Hi Rocky,

RockWorks cannot plot a vertical grid directly, but you can create a 2D grid and color contour filled plot of the profile data, export to a raster image, and use the Utilities Imagery | Vertical (Images -> Vertical 3D Panels) menu command to plot the profiles vertically.


Tom B
RockWare Inc



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