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Good day

  • I have created a geological model from several surfer grids I imported in to RW. My 3D Strat model looks ok, but now I need to make about 80 sections through the model at 200m spacing. I have the lines I would like to use in ArcMap, I have also created a txt file with start and end XY point. How do I use this to create my sections?
  • I also want to know if I can plot an outline of my model on the location chart. I have a shape file outline of my area (which is not square).

Any help would be appreceated



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Dear Wilhelm,

  • There are a several options that you can use in RockWorks to create multiple cross-sections and profiles.
    • Type in the XY coordinates for a profile in the Profile Selection Map tab.
    • Load a tab-delimited text file with XY start and end coordinates into the Profile Selection Map tab to create a single profile. Repeat for each profile manually or with an RCL script. The RockWorks help file shows the required format for the text file.
    • Define a single profile and choose the option to Create Additional Parallel Profiles to create multiple profiles at once.
  • Yes, you can import a SHP or DXF into a RockPlot2D window, and append it to the profile map with the File | Append menu command if it is plotted in a separate RockPlot2D window (as opposed to combined in the same window as the profiles).


Tom B

RockWare Inc


Create additional parallel profiles from the menu.


Import single profile coordinates from a text file.



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Thank you for the reply.

I got the background map to display.

I cant really use the "create additional lines" comman because the lines are not all the same lenth. My study area has an odd shape becoming narrow on the 1 end.

As far as I can tel I can only import 1 line at a time, run the process and then have to import the next line and start again?


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Hi Wilhelm,

Please bear in mind that your project dimensions in RockWorks are square or rectangular, even if you clip your models to an irregular shape. So, the Create Additional Parallel Profiles option may be displaying the lines of section across the entire project space in the Profile Selection Map, but the output profile diagrams will display only the non-null values.

If you have Level 5 of RockWorks, and if you know the coordinates of the profile endpoints, you may find it easier to write a script to create all of the profiles very quickly. You would define all of the details for the first profile in the script, and then simply define the new coordinates/new profile title/other changes for the other 80 diagrams. The RCL settings can be determined for 99% of the RockWorks menus by clicking on the small hammer icon in the upper-left corner and choosing Show RCL or Save to RCL.

There is a quick tutorial for the RCL scripts on our website: https://www.rockware.com/product/caseStudies.php?id=165&category=14

It references RockWorks15 but pertains to RW16 as well.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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