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How do I transfer RockWorks to a new computer?

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Here are the instructions for transferring RockWorks to a new computer. Refer to the RockWorks FAQ under the menu Support | RockWorks | FAQ on the main RockWorks page for additional frequently asked questions.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

How do I transfer my RockWorks license to a different computer?

This is a 2-step process: removing the licensing from the original machine, and unlocking the license on the new computer.


1. Remove the license from the original computer: Start up RockWorks16. Click on the Preferences menu and select Change/Review Licensing. Click in the Remove Licensing button and click Change. Click Yes when prompted to confirm the operation. Write down the Uninstall Code that is displayed. (Note that if you uninstall RockWorks using the Windows Control Panel, the license removal will occur first, automatically.)

2. Install RockWorks16 onto your new computer. (Visit the Product Updates page to download the latest installation program.) Request your new unlocking code by visiting the Registration Page and supplying the new Installation Number displayed on the screen, your license Registration Number, and the Uninstall Code from above. We will reply by email with the new unlocking code.

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