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I've got a template that uses "interval text" to display assay data down hole. Since it takes a while to get the results back I'd like to be able to print a log that shows the location of all the samples, but obviously with blank boxes. When the sample intervals are empty they do not display on the log... is there anyway I can 'force' them to show without putting a "." or "_" type symbol in them? I've got a sample number, and six elements. Only the sample number one shows because it has values.

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To use just the I-Text column, I think the only way to get the intervals to show up on the compiled log is to enter something in the datasheet, like a "." or "-" that you listed. As the sample results become available you can enter them into the datasheet.

Another option might be to use a Fillbar column, underlying the I-Text column, with the same depth intervals as the samples and filled with a color and/or pattern of your choice. When you compile the log, you'll see the intervals, and when the assay values are later entered, they'll be displayed on top of the filled intervals. Fillbars are commonly used to denote sample intervals.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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