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RockWorks16 2015.1.21

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We uploaded a new revision of RockWorks16 today, with the following changes:
+ A new solid modeling method - Highest Probability - has been added. It builds a table of all unique g-values encountered within the control points. For each of these g-values, a probablity model is created based on the inverse-square law. The program then assigns the final node values based on the g-value with the highest probability. Although this program is designed primary for lithologic modeling, it may also be used with other types of data with the caveat that the processing time increases with the number of unique g-values
+ Lithology modeling methods have been more clearly delineated in the menus, with the options being:
- Closest Point
- Lateral Blending (formerly Lateral-Extrusion/Advanced)
- Lateral Extrusion (formerly Lateral-Extrusion/Simple).
This method has also been improved to better handle clustered boreholes.
- Highest Probability (new!)
+ Block model Declustering has been completely redesigned.
+ Block model Smoothing has been completely redesigned. Instead of using a "box filter" it now uses a cylinder, whose height and radius are user defined. In addition, a warping surface can be specified to tilt the smoothing cylinder.
+ 2D faulting has been added to the following gridding methods (in addition to Inverse-Distance):
- Kriging
- Triangulation
- Directional Weighting
- Distance to Point
- Classification
+ Grid Declustering has been completely redesigned.
+ A new tool for identifying "overpopulated" cells is available in the Striplogs menu, to help users identify model zones with clustered/conflicting data (vertical holes only).
+ There are new options for fine-tuning the calculation of the XYZ coordinates downhole, particularly for inclined or deviated holes.
+ The Grid-Based Map program has been split into two parts, one for gridding XYZ data, and one for gridding XYZ plus dip data. (simplifies the menus)
+ A new 3-dimensional Lineations program has been added to the Linears | Lineation Properties menu
+ A Default View has been added to all RockPlot3D scenes
+ New intensity options have been added to the RockPlot3D lighting menu
And much more! Check out the Revision List: https://www.rockware.com/rockworks/revisions/current_revisions.htm
You can download this build either from within RockWorks itself (Help | Online Information | Check for Updates) or by following these steps:
1. Click on this link:
2. Save the file to your local computer (e.g. Downloads folder or Desktop).
3. When the download has completed, you can run the installation. Do not uninstall the existing RockWorks first.
4. When the installation has completed, you can start up the RockWorks16 program.
Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc.

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