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I need to make several 2D striplogs in Rockworks15. At the top of each striplog, I want to show the date of the boring and the total depth. In the Borehole Manager, I added the Date field. How can I automatically display the Date and Total Depth for each borehole at the top of each striplog? Can it be done using the 2D Striplog Designer or in a ReportWorks template?


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Hi Mark,

RockWorks15 creates simplified striplogs so there aren't very many features for labeling with custom fields. RockWorks logs are designed for project-wide display in sections, in 3D, etc. more than for detailed individual log display.

Your request is more the domain of LogPlot - it's a flexible, dedicated striplog program with which you can create detailed headers and footers and have great flexibility in the log layout, vertical scale and pagination, etc. LogPlot and RockWorks can share data. You might look at the LogPlot Gallery page on our website for examples.

Another option, within RockWorks, would be to use ReportWorks to lay out one or more saved logs, and then hand-enter any kind of labeling you want via the text tool.

One final thought (though this might really be going around the block to get next door) would be to use the Column Title field for any of the RockWorks log items you've activated to hand-enter the date and/or TD. For example, if your logs have a Depth column, the Axis, and a Lithology column, you could hand-enter the date as the Column Title for the Depth column, and the TD as the Column Title for the Lithology column, and these would plot at the top of the log, just below the borehole name. A bit tedious, but it might work.

Hope this helps

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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