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Number formats in the Borehole Database's Datasheet Editors

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A customer recently reported a problem after successfully copy/pasting a column of depths and a column of measurement values into the P-Data table's Datasheet Editor - not all of the data were posted back to the database.

Here's an excerpt of what their data looked like in Excel:

Depth P-Data


980 26.275
985 26.46
990 26.645
995 26.83
1,000.00 27.015
1,005.00 27.2
1,010.00 27.385
1,015.00 27.015
1,020.00 26.6

The data looked fine when pasted into the Datasheet Editor, but once posted to the database the listing did not continue past depth 995.

The issue is that the routine that RockWorks uses to post values from the datasheet editor back to the database assumes that the values DO NOT have thousands separators. So, be sure to format your data in Excel to omit the character separating the thousands groupings: 1000.00 rather than 1,000.00

(Decimal places are fine, and will be assumed to be the "." or "," character which is defined in your Windows Region/Language settings.)

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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