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Using EQuIS data in Rockworks 16?

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Our environmental data is held in an EQuIS database. We understand that we should be able to use the data in Rockworks 16, in a more direct way than exporting to Excel, then importing the Excel file into Rockworks. Our Database Administrator dumped out some files for me to test, using some sort of "auto-export" contained in EQuIS . For the borehole info, I got a series of files with the extension ".bh". I tried to import them into Rockworks 16, trying a couple of the differenct import formats, but only got a series of error messages. I've attached a ZIP file, with some of the files, that was provided to me. Anyone heard of the "EQuIS to Rockworks 16" functionality and can offer advice on the proper setup to get this to work?



From Equis.zip

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The .BH files are for a much older version of RockWorks (pre-Database) and support for importing these files was dropped for RockWorks 16. You could still import them in RW15 and then import the database into 16 but that would not make the importing any easier. I've emailed the Earthsoft support to see if they've added a more direct import for RW16.

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Update: Here's Earthsoft's response, we'll just need some patience.

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding EQuIS for RockWorks 16.

We certainly intend to support RockWorks 16 and are currently testing it's compatibility with the EQuIS export and will get back to you with more information as soon as it is available.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


Matt Wakulchik, Help Desk
EarthSoft, Inc.

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Unless you are using an older version of EQUIS, you should have an option to create a RockWorks15 database. I believe that you have to have RockWorks15 installed to do this. If you would like to install a temporary version of RockWorks15 so that you can use this export option, feel free to contact us at tech @ rockware.com. A RockWorks15 database can be easily imported in RockWorks16, so this might be the most efficient way of data transfer until RockWorks16 is supported by EarthSoft.

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