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Logarithmic scale can be used to draw solid diagrams?

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I am a user of RockWorks 15.

I created a solid model from ATD file containing X, Y, Z, and G data. The G value is formation resistivity.

Is it possible to draw the solid diagram representing subsurface resistivity by logarithmic scale?

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Dear Taichi Tanaka,

Welcome to the forum!

You can create a custom "Color Fill Table" to display specific G value ranges with specific colors. These can be any value range groupings you like.

- Expand the Misc Project Tables heading in the Project Manager pane (left side of program window).

- Right-click on the Color Fill Table item and click Add a Color Fill Table.

- Assign a name for the table (such as "log resistivity")

- Fill in the min and max intervals for each color grouping, such as:

0.1 1.0 (purple)

1.0 10.0 (blue)

10.0 100.0 (green)


- Before closing the table, choose File | Export, and save this as a TAB file - you'll need this to link to RockPlot3d. (e.g. Log Resistivity.tab)

- Go to P-Data | Model

- Choose Use Existing Model and browse for the name of the MOD file you have created. (Or you can regenerate the model using Create New Model.)

- When the isosurface or voxel diagram is displayed in RockPlot3D, double-click on the diagram's icon in the Data tree.

- Set the Color Scheme to "Color File" and browse for the TAB file name. Click Apply.

Note that this is much easier to do in RockWorks16 - no need to export the TAB version, and you can assign the color prior to diagram display (helpful for the legend).

Hope this helps.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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