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Dissolved vs Total metals in AqQA

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I would assume that total metals should be entered into the tables in AqAQ, as it is set up. Is there a way to distinguish between total vs dissolved when you enter the data. Wouldn't this effect some of the analysis, such as the charge balance?

Thanks for any feedback!

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Hi Kendra,

The AqQA help does not state anything specific about metals, but it does state that it calculates total dissolved solids from the data and you can compare this value with the measured value.

Dissolved Solids

The program displays the water’s calculated dissolved solids content, along with the measured value, if supplied on the Data Sheet. Aq•QA calculates dissolved solids by summing the inorganic analytes, following by Standard Method 1030-E, except that it accounts for all of the inorganic analytes on the Data Sheet, and it accounts for carbonate specied as described in the next paragraph.

The contribution of carbonate to dissolved solids is taken as the sum of the masses of analytes bicarbonate, carbonate, and carbon dioxide (HCO3, CO3, and CO2). If none of these analytes is specified, Aq•QA accounts for carbonate in one of the following ways: (1) from an analyses of total carbon, (2) from the carbonate concentration calculating from a specified alkalinity and pH, as described below under Carbonate Speciation, or (3) from a specified alkalinity in the absence of pH, according to 0.6 × alkalinity.


Tom B
RockWare Inc

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