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3D Solid Models in Google Earth?

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Is it possible to export solid models to Google Earth? I see that it's possible to export polylines, polygons, and 2D features but not sure about solid model features. Some of the animations that I want to create, such as fly-in's towards hot spots or interesting features and circular fly overs paired with model reveals of some sorth? These are just not possible with the animation tools that RockWorks 16 has to offer. I'm aware that Google earth wont be able to some of the things I mentioned but I at least have the freedom to create custom viewing angles for an animation.

The video last November's webinar on animations https://www.rockware.com/product/galleryYoutube.php?id=165&category=27%C2'>

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Hi SethD,

You can export your RockPlot3D/16 scenes to Google Earth by clicking the Google Earth button at the top of the display window. Correct placement of the scene in GE assumes you are using global coordinates in your project. You can also use the RockWorks16 EarthApps tools to create flyovers (forward-looking, circular, advanced) for viewing the scene in Google Earth. My personal favorites are the Clipboard versions - incredibly easy to use.

The RP3D Google Earth export does not export animations (rotation or reveal), just the static scene. Note that there's also a similar export from RockPlot2D.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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