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RockWorks16 2014.8.20

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We've uploaded a new build of RockWorks16 today, with the following improvements:

Level 3+

  • The Other Coords | PLSS Range East/West radio button OnClick Event is now triggered correctly, preventing some coordinate translation errors.

  • Extraneous tab characters in text files being imported via File | Import | Text | Multiple-tables are now ignored.

  • LAS import works when the machine is set to non-US number formats, the LAS file is assumed to be in US/Canadian format for floating point numbers

  • Multiple/Bulk LAS import can now map existing boreholes to the Well Name, API number or UWI number in LAS header

  • When using the Tab Manager, to work with tables and fields, it will open positioned on the same table as the current data sheet.

  • In the ADO import, the dialog to get the Overwrite option (Create New/Skip/Replace) was not moving to the next record when the Skip option was selected.

  • 3D striplog stratigraphy intervals are correctly labeled.

Level 2+

  • Extraneous contours are no longer drawn when a grid is bordered by null values.

  • Pattern editor Preview displays the correct pattern density.

  • 3D points plot properly when you use a lookup table.

Level 1+

  • Location of pattern and symbol files in installation changed to agree with where they are really installed.

  • RockPlot3D export of vertical image panels to Google Earth no longer triggers an error.

You can download this build either from within RockWorks itself (Help | Online Information | Check for Updates) or by following these steps:

1. Click on this link:

2. Save the file to your local computer (e.g. Downloads folder or Desktop).

3. When the download has completed, you can run the installation. Do not uninstall the existing RockWorks first.

4. When the installation has completed, you can start up the RockWorks16 program.

Bon apetit!

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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