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Issue with Rockworks thinking my Rockworks 16 file is Rockworks 15?

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I have been using my project with Rockworks 16 for the past few months. But yesterday it came up with this error message:-

That the project appears to be a RockWorks 15 project. And upgrade a RockWorks 16.

Even though the file is already a Rockworks 16 files and is in my rockworks 16 folder. When I try to update I get the message that the folder already exists and I cannot update. Then I change the folder name to a new one to see if that worked and I got the following error message:-

Access violation at address 00BE2320 in module 'RockWorks16.exe. Read of address 00000000.

Please help me. Al the data is in a Rockworks 16 format but Rockworks seems to think it is Rockworks 15 when I try to update this it comes up with an error.

Rockworks screen shots.pdf

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Hi Emily,

This can sometimes happen if the data dictionaries for the project database have gotten corrupted. So, I think the first thing to try is to close RockWorks16, and use Windows Explorer to browse to your "Chantry Lane" project folder. Open the folder and rename the "System" sub folder to "System_old". Then restart RockWorks16.

  • If Chantry Lane is the last-used project (and opened automatically on program startup), then RW will rebuild the System folder on the fly. This is the folder where the data dictionaries and your project menu settings are stored.
  • If a different project opens on startup, then try opening the Chantry Lane folder.

If RockWorks loads the project database successfully, then you can close RockWorks16, and open Windows Explorer again. Copy the "menus.ini" file from the Chantry Lane\System_old folder to the Chantry_Lane\System folder. These are your original menu settings, by copying them to the new System folder you'll have all of these reloaded on next startup.

If this does not work, then I'll need for you to zip your project folder and email it to support at rockware.com. If it's large, you can upload it to our server via: https://www.rockware.com/upload/

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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