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Reading USGS geophysical data into RockWorks2004

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At the time of this writing, the USGS web site offers a number of different aeromagnetic and gravity data sets for free download. (Go to www.usgs.gov and click the link for "geophysical products".)

We recommend downloading the zipped "gxf" format grid models. After downloading, unzip the grid model, and then use the RockWorks Grid menu's Import command to import the Geosoft GXF model, saving it as a RockWorks "GRD" format.

You can create either 2D or 3D maps of the geophysical measurements. If you wish to analyze multiple geophysical models of your study area to determine those areas where all parameters are favorable, use the Grid > Filters > Boolean tool to create Boolean (true/false) grids of each model, and then use the Grid > Math > Grid & Grid Math tool to multiply the Boolean grid models. (This requires that the models have the same number of nodes along the X and Y axes.) Those areas not zeroed-out meet your criteria for all of the data.

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