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Block model of Stratigraphy

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Is there a way to create a block model (the same techniques used for the Lithology models), for my stratigraphy data? I've got two possible solutions I've thought of, but perhaps there is a better way:

Option 1) Create the stratigraphy surfaces using the normal stratigraphy model, and then rebuild block models using the top/bottom surfaces for each stratigraphic layer to confine the lithology block model. Then I would need to find a way to re-assign those blocks to the stratigraphic unit they're representing.

Option 2) Enter my stratigraphy tops into the Lithology tab of the Borehole Manager in a new database - then create a block model using the lithology modeling tools (although it will be stratigraphy tops instead).

I want to do a stratigraphy block model so I can utilize the animation cut-down options. As far as I know, these can't be done with the default stratigraphy surface models.



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I believe I found a solution to my problem using method 1 above.

I've built the stratigraphy model which uses surfaces to represent the stratigraphy. I then built a block model of the lithology of my project area. I then "extract" each stratigraphic unit by rebuilding a block model using the Top/Bottom bounding layers from the stratigraphy model computed previously.

Once each stratigraphic unit has a block model built, I can use the tool: Utilities: Solid: Filters: Replacement Filters and re-assign all of the blocks to the proper stratigraphic unit number.

I haven't completed this completely yet, but I assume that it will work from the one unit that I've done so far. If you change the coloring table to the Stratigraphy table it seems to be visually working at least (which is all that I need this for anyway).


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Hi Andy,

Sorry for the delay in replying - just saw your posting. (Aargh - my automatic notifications somehow were turned off).

There is another, much easier way to do this: In the Stratigraphy | Model options, there is a "Save Numeric Model" checkbox which, if you are interpolating new surfaces, will also save a solid (block) .RwMod file of the stratigraphic layers. It basically does this by (1) initializing a new blank solid model using the Output (Model) Dimensions, (2) assigning voxel nodes that lie between the surfaces the G value define in the Stratigraphy Types table.

Let us know if you have additional questions.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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