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3d animation cut-down

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I've had a coworker request an animation that mimics the "cut down" style of animation that RockWorks automatically generates for us. However, instead of cutting down equally with a plane, he would like each layer of rock in a Lithology block model to be removed one at a time (and perhaps fading out between each layer).

Is there a way to do this in Rockworks without manually doing the animation by hand with G-Values and turning each layer on and off?

I've thought that this would achieve the look we're after but it would be quite a bit of work to do it.

Have all the G-Values for lithology be assigned from the bottom up (or top down), and after generating the lithology block model turn a lithology layer off by filtering it out, save a graphic of the block model, then repeat for the next layer down. You could then take each of these frames and put them in video software with a fade between frames.

Thanks for any help you can think of,


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