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RockWorks16 2014.5.30

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While we don't like to post new builds on Friday (as we go into the weekend) we made an exception today because this build fixes some important items:

+ RockPlot3D: no more Access Violation when right-clicking on an item in the data tree.

+ Borehole Manager: Fix to Access Violation on new Value List fields which you can add to Lithology, Stratigraphy, other data tables.

+ Borehole Manager: Export to Excel, on systems set up to Swedish number format ("123 456 789,00") AND where there are > 2 decimal places - changed the way the numbers are exported so that Excel does not incorrectly understand them.

+ Utilities: Export to Excel - changed the way numbers are exported so that Excel does not incorrectly understand them on systems not using a US number format.

+ Added a Set Entry Defaults button on the Other Coords tab (Location table) where you can set up the default coordinate zones/meridians/etc. for hand-entered data.

+ Problems in the solid model smoothing (this was fixed in the 5.28 build)

You can download this build either from within RockWorks itself (Help | Online Information | Check for Updates) or by following these steps:

1. Click on this link:
2. Save the file to your local computer (e.g. Downloads folder or Desktop).
3. When the download has completed, you can run the installation. Do not uninstall the existing RockWorks first.
4. When the installation has completed, you can start up the RockWorks16 program.
Molly Mayfield
RockWare Inc.

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