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"Unable to create or display the Depth dialog" error

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A LogPlot7 user in Europe started encountering problems after a LogPlot update which also coincided with a Windows update. Each time he tried to access the Compile window in LogPlot, he was the message "Unable to create or display the Depth dialog."

We discovered that the Compile window depths and scale, and the log design's Page Setup settings were displaying very, very large numbers, thus mucking up all hopes of meaningful pagination and scaling in LogPlot.

Importantly - the Page Setup window showed mixed number formats: the printer settings at the top of the window showed numbers like "123.456.789,00" but LogPlot's page settings at the bottom of the same window (and his Windows 7 system) were using "123'456'789.00" (default for the German / Switzerland setting on his computer).

The solution: Access the Control Panel | Clock Language and Region | Region and Language window. Click the Additional Settings button to access the number format options. Click the Reset button at the bottom of the window, to reset all of the number settings back to those which are default for the language-region setting.

When LogPlot was re-launched, the Page Setup window showed sensible page dimensions, with the correct number format, and the compiling again worked.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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