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I noticed in trialling Rockworks 16 that there is the option to add new fields in all other tab's (including Locaiton). When adding a new field there is the option to assign it as a ValueList type.

In the Location tab, this ValueList type gives a drop down box to choose from. But in all other tabs when assigning a new field as a Value List type there is no drop down box. I have checked in Access an it is a text type.

Is there (or going to be) the function to assign a ValueList type for new fields in other tabs than the Location Tab (eg Lithology, Well Construction)? This would be a superior benefit.

Also, can Rockworks 16 be used offline in the field for drill hole loggin?



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Hi Tim,

The ValueList type was designed for the Location table, to allow users to create custom fields with quick-pick lists, such as names of counties or drillers or project sub-sites, etc. These fields can be queried using the View | Filter Boreholes or Select Boreholes options, and they can be included as labels on borehole location maps.

By default this ValueList type is also available for other custom fields you can add to the other tables (Lithology, etc.). Unlike the custom Location fields, custom fields in the other tables cannot be used by any of the RockWorks program menus at this time - they are for your reference only. (If you are a SQL whiz, you could probably query on the fields via View | Select Boreholes).

That said, since the ValueList field type is available in those other tables, we will go ahead and add the list functionality to them in a future build of the program. It is important to understand that the data will be saved in the database but you won't be able to do anything with it in RockWorks. So, for example, if you add lithology descriptors to a ValueList in a custom Lithology Table field, you won't be able to display these on logs (which are linked to the Keyword and Comment fields only).

Keep an eye on the Updates section of this forum for notification of when this has been added to the program.

Re: the use of RockWorks "offline" - yes. Single licenses operate with no problems offline (licensing is stored locally), and network licenses offer the option of borrowing a seat for use outside the network.

Finally, if you are doing detailed drillhole logging and need detailed striplogs - headers, footers, unlimited text, flexible layout, specific plot scales, etc. - you might also look at LogPlot which works nicely with RockWorks. Feel free to contact our tech staff by phone or email to discuss your data and workflows so that we can suggest the best solution for you: support at rockware.com or 800-775-6745.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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