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2 questions:

1.) I am trying to visualise core lithology plus particle size distribution. Samples for the psd were taken as interval data. I can add these to my striplog. However, I was wondering, if there is a posiilty to interpolate the interval data, so that the result is a curve rather than the bar structure? Possibly thats a silly question, since that's the nature of these data types, but it would help me a lot!

2.) My cores have tilted boundaries. I didn't find a way to display that. I guess, it's not possible?

Thank you very much!


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Hi Petra,

  1. To plot I-Data as a curve, export it to Excel then import the Interval data into a P-Data table.
  2. I do not know a way to plot titled boundaries between units on a core. Can you upload an example?


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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