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kirging interpolation - Operation

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I would like to know how does the kriging interpolation of RockWorks operate ?

I valid the "automatic variogram" options and I don't understand how RockWorks determines the best variogram with the highest correlation.

But, I'm surprising because RockWorks doesn't test each types of variogramm, does it? It must be time...

And, to choice the highest interpolation, is that Rockworks choose method which have the least error of estimation?

Thank you very much

Have a good day


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Hi Loann,

RockWorks 15 and 16 picks the best variogram by testing to see which variogram model best fits the data points plotted for each lag or separation distance.

RockWorks does test each type of variogram. Display the 2D Variogram Matrix in the Reporting Options to see them all.


Click to view the 2D Variogram Matrix report.

Compare the variogram model curves, and

lag semi-variance points.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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