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Running a TOUGH2/TMVOC/TOUGHREACT simulation from a command line


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There may be times when you want to run a TOUGH2 model from a command line. I've tried to describe the steps you would take to do this below.

Single PetraSim Licenses

If you are working with a single license of PetraSim you’ll need to place the PetraSim .lic file and the rlm922.dll in the same directory at the simulation executable that you need to run. We recommend that you put the input file in that directory as well.

Network PetraSim Licenses

You’ll need to use the floating license server to authorize the simulator use before running the model. After opening the command prompt, you can set an environment variable similar to this:

c:\>set theng_license=52100@servername

You should substitute the correct servername and port number. After setting the environment variable, you can run the executables from the command line (below), and it will pick up and use the floating license.


For TOUGH2, T2VOC and TMVOC, the command would look like this:

Executable name <input file> output file

For example, to run a model called heat_pipe.dat using EOS3, the command would look like this:

eos3.exe <heat_pipe.dat> heat_pipe.out


To manually run a TOUGHREACT model, you should place the following files in the directory with the executable:

1. Flow.inp

2. Chemical.inp

3. Solute.inp

4. thermodb.txt (this is a copy of the thermXu4.dat file stored under C:\Program Files (x86)\PetraSim 5)

The command to run the simulation is the simply the name of the executable, for example, to run the EOS3 TOUGHREACT executable, the command would be: treact_eos3.exe


If you need to run TOUGH2-MP outside of the PetraSim software, then you should contact tech @ rockware.com for a batch file. TOUGH2-MP cannot be run from a single command.

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