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Jaeshik Chung

Mineral data in TOUGHREACT

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Hi- I am a newbie trying to simulate the reductive dissolution of Fe2+ from Fe-bearing minerals and their precipitation from oxidation.

I could find data(EA, k25..) for hematite, pyrite-2, and siderite in the tutorial.

but I couldn't find ones for other Fe-minerals (Goethite, Fe(OH)3, magnetite, ferrite...) where can I find this information?

and one more thing, I know kd controls sorption, and decay constant controls decay, but

what parameter controls the oxidation/reduction condition? just putting high/low O2 concentration in injected water makes it happen?

Thank you!

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The following publication has been recommended by one of my colleagues:

Palandri, J.L. and Kharaka, Y.K. (2004) A compilation of rate parameters of water-mineral interaction kinetics for application to geochemical modeling, USGS Open File Report 2004-1068, 64 p.

I don’t know how to answer your question about oxidation/reduction conditions. This might be a better question for the LBNL TOUGH2 forum, which you can find with the following Google search: LBNL TOUGH2 forum

Best Regards,


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