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Volumetric calculation of I-Data model

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Hi experts,

i would like to ask you if possible to calculate the volumetric of I-Data model based on the solid model filter or G-data filtering option for the disribution of As for instant in water body (e.g. calculate the volume of contaminated water with As for the range of concentration between 1 to 1.5 ppb in a Lake).


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Yes, this is possible when displaying the model in RockPlot3D.

If you are viewing the model as an isosurface, right click on the model in the RockPlot3D data tree (to the left of the view) and choose Options. As you adjust the iso-level, the volume of displayed material will change.

If you are viewing the model using the "All Voxels" option, then you can set an upper and lower limit under the Filters option, and the program will update the volume based on the filters.



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