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Using a Civil 3D 2011 DEM file in RW15

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I've exported a DEM from Civil 3d 2011 (Autodesk claims it's a USGS DEM). The file extension is .dem. When I try to import it to RW15, using "Utilities", "Grid Import", I get the error message "Error in Column 1, Row 1", and Rockworks stops working. I've tried saving this .dem file to a tab-delimited .txt file, but it still crashes Rockworks15. I've attached the .dem file to this message (inside the ZIP file).

Anyone have any idea why this isn't working in Rockworks15?



grading2-1091 to 1089.zip

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I opened your file up in a text editor, and it does not look like a real DEM. The first few lines of the DEM would include information about the extents and spacing of the grid. In this case, the first line is: Autodesk Export surface2DEM.

Do you have an option to export a DXF Matrix? This might be a better way of going from Civil 3D to RockWorks.

Best Regards,


Alison @ Rockware. com

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Thanks, Alison. It must be some formatting issue between Autodesk and Rockware products. I was able to import that file directly into Oasis Montaj without any problem (Oasis recognized it as a USGS DEM). From Oasis, I was then able to export a grid file and then import that into Rockworks 15. I'm now back on track in Rockworks.



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