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3D striplogs with lithology color fill and P-data disks

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I would like to produce a 3D striplog with disks representing P-data value and a color fill representing lithology. So far no success - I can produce a cylinder with lithology color fill, and I can produce a P-data column with disks color filled in monochrome or hot/cold, but not what I want. Any suggestions?

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Unfortunately, there is really no way to do this unless the values in the P-Data table can be correlated to Lithology. If this is the case, then you could set up a custom color table that uses lithologic colors for various ranges of the values within the P-Data table. To use a custom color table for the P-Data fill, choose the “Based on Lookup-Table” option under the Disks/Color Options settings.

I think that the feature you are looking for would be a good addition to RockWorks, so I’ll be submitting it to the programming team.

Best Regards,

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