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Stratigraphic model uncompleted

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I have some problems using the evaluation copy of RockWorks16.

In particular the program is not responding when i try to built a stratigraphic model.

This happens when i decide tho choose the option "hide thin zones", both when i change the number of boreholes both when i choose different values in the "thickness cutoff". Actually i work on a complex stratigraphy (i have much more of 30 unities).

When i work on the sample the error doesn't occur, while my process works well until 98% then the program doesn't respond.

Anyone can help me?

Best regards.

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Hi Bru,

If you are not using yesterday's version of RockWorks16, you might install that update. This is because it contains a new feature which allows you to define which units you want to model, which can be helpful if you do not have data for all of the defined formations. You do this by opening the Stratigraphy Types table, removing the "show in legend" check-mark from those units you don't want to model at this time, then (in Stratigraphy | Model) set the Stratigraphy Types to be Included to "only units flagged as 'show in legend'".

Please see the 2014.1.27 forum posting under RockWorks Updates for more information about this new revision and a link for the download.

If you continue to have problems, we'll need to see your data to offer specific suggestions. Please use the File | Archive Database to Text menu option and send the resulting ZIP file to support at rockware.com.

Best regards

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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