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Coordinate system for boreholes is not stored correctly

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I have a set of coordinates in one state plane system, and I have set the correct zone when creating the project coordinates, and I have updated the zone in the back end access database. However, when I transfer the coordinates to the datasheet, the zone is lost, and when I transfer them back to the borehole location database, the zone is re-set to colorado, and the UTM zone is set to 13.

How can I change all 500 records to the correct zone without editing the access database (because RW still thinks I'm in colorado somehow) and how can I make sure that this setting remains in the correct zone?


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Hi Eric,

How it's supposed to work: In the Borehole Manager, in the Collar Coordinates tab, if the Horizontal coordinates are labeled State Plane with the correct Units and Zone, then that information should be transferred to the Utilities datasheet (File | Transfer | Locations -> Utilities Datasheet). The Units will be shown in the second heading row, and the coordinate system and zone should be in the metadata pane to the right. If you edit the coordinate values, symbols, whatever, in the datasheet, and transfer the listing back to the database (File | Transfer | Locations -> Borehole Manager) then the State Plane system, Units, and Zone should all be retained.

(Are you doing this xfer to edit the data itself?)

If you find that the numbers are right in the Location table, Collar Coordinates tab (e.g. your state plane feet, zone xxxx) but the labels are wrong (state plane feet, zone yyyy), you can have the program change the labels without reprojecting any of the coordinates, using the Project Coordinates button (lower-left) | Reassign menu option. It will retain all of the numeric values you have in the database, it will just change the coordinate system assignment.

Does this answer your question? If not, please be sure to specify whether your State Plane coordinates, units, and zone are defined in the Collar Coordinates tab or in the Other Coordinates tab, and the revision number of RockWorks16 that you are using.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc.

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