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Out Of Memory when importing DEM

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I am attempting to import a 2-m LiDAR-derived DEM into RockWorks. I found a thread about importing a raster www.rockware.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2189&hl=%2Braster+%2Bimport#entry5028, and I have followed the instructions. However, I keep getting the error: Out Of memory and RockWorks crashes.

I have also tried importing as a TIFF and a BitMap, and receive the same error. The file is about 2MB, and my computer has 4GB of RAM.

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Hi Eric,

First, you might watch the program's status window to see where the out-of-memory error is occurring - during import of the grid or during mapping. Feel free to email the bug report to tech at rockware.com; this will give us the details regarding the RockWorks version and where exactly in the program the error is occurring.

If you see that the error is occurring during the mapping step, check to see if the grid model (.grd in RW15, .RwGrd in RW16) was actually created, under the Grid Models heading in the project manager. If so, then you can use the Utilities | Grid | Math | Resample to resample the dense LiDAR grid to your project/output dimensions to use it for model constraint, etc.

If you are stuck, please contact us at the tech email above, and we'll email you instructions for sending us the file you're trying to import via our client Upload page.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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It looks like it crashed during the mapping portion of the import, and there is a surface which resembles the DEM representation in Arc.

Thank you,


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